Meeting Alícia

Entrance of Alicia Foundation

Alícia is a private non-profit research centre devoted to technological innovation in cuisine, to the improvement of eating habits and to the evaluation of the food and gastronomic heritage. Alícia has been founded under the supervision of the chef Ferran Adrià, and hosts nowadays researchers from the fields of chemistry, dietetics (the study of nutrition as it relates to health), medecine, and of course, chefs.

Living in Catalonia and working on applying AI research to innovate in cooking, makes of Fondació Alícia a mandatory stop. We found there a warm welcome, a lot of expertise, an a lot of interest in stepping on these virgin fields together. Researchers working at Alícia are the ideal interlocutors both to discuss ideas and to gather inspiration for new projects.

Professional cuisine has different needs that private customers. Among the topics discussed, two thoughts were kind of unexpected to me. First, the absence of an on-line repository for recipes that can be used as a reference. Second, the difficulty to deal with sensors at the stove. I wonder if these are common issues for chefs world-wile.

About Alexandre Albore

Alexandre likes to cook and to eat. After obtaining his PhD in Artificial Intelligence on Automated Planning, he now works on aerospace applications of AI. Alexandre lives actually in Toulouse, France. Google+
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