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Students at Work (Hungarian picture 1899)
As long as it seems that I am too busy right now to work myself on the Culinary AI project, we decided to give some space to students to help us developing part of the work. This is amazing for me, because it opens the possibility to confront my ideas with younger ones, and to clarify them… almost in the culinary sense!

We are then looking for students finishing they undergrads studies and well-disposed toward applied research. The idea is to develop a Computer Science prototype as final result of the project, but also to push the student in developing other analytical skills, more focused on the use of technology related to food. Just a couple of examples:

To create a structured database of recipes
This comes from the remark the I haven’t found a well done recipes database, structured and with methodised information. The challenge is twofold: fist, an historical and cultural research should provide us with a reasonable set of recipes to record, then a correct format has to be found and developed to record correctly the data.

To analise nutrient to provide an alternative aliments grouping
To use the well known “Food guide pyramid” is restrictive under many points of view, mainly because it fails to capture many details of a diet. It has been revisited recently, but some aspects are still to be researched. The student will use the USDA nutrients database to identify groups of aliments with similar characteristics via clustering analysis techniques.

Finally, in the context of the very recommendable Master in Intelligent Interactive Systems (MIIS), a student already applied to do her master project working or recommender systems. What a crowd!

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Alexandre likes to cook and to eat. After obtaining his PhD in Artificial Intelligence on Automated Planning, he now works on aerospace applications of AI. Alexandre lives actually in Toulouse, France. Google+
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