Focusing and Fundraising

RecerCaixa and Nutrition therapy
First, our collaboration with Alícia went on, focusing on common projects to carry on. A study of metabolic diseases seems to provide both a common ground and very interesting technical developments. This will be the direction we will push the next applications, also because there is a concrete possibility to improve the quality of life of many patients.

Second, I wrote, in collaboration with people from  GTI (Interactive Technologies Group) at University Pompeu Fabra, a research proposal for RecerCaixa. It is a one year program that provides some founds to help young researchers from Catalonia in developing their projects. The aim of RecerCaixa is to finance innovative scientific ideas with a social impact.  That’s here that can come in an intelligent system specially aimed at providing solutions for people with a metabolic disease. Our proposal describes an adaptive tool that assist people following a nutrition therapy, i.e. following a diet adapted to a patient’s needs. Nutrition therapy is the most common, inexpensive, and efficient therapy that people with a metabolic disease can follow.

Writing down a full project, thinking about all its implications on society, or counting the number of people involved, helped a lot in realising what we were dealing with. To talk about your ideas, and to write them down for others to read are two faces of the same medal that do not look the same at all! Mainly, it forces you to focus on the objectives you have and on their practical feasibility. This is already a lesson learnt almost for free, regardless if we win the call or not.

Third, I had some more field research experiences. More at Alícia, where we dissected the mechanisms of a big restaurant, and more at Suite 7, where I learnt the difficulties of being chef for one night. But let’s keep these stories for another day…

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Alexandre likes to cook and to eat. After obtaining his PhD in Artificial Intelligence on Automated Planning, he now works on aerospace applications of AI. Alexandre lives actually in Toulouse, France. Google+
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