We were two, and now we are three.

Team Work (by Colleen, Danny, and Jared B.)

We were saying few time ago that what Computer Science applied to Cooking misses dearly is a database of recipes. Actually, young researchers from GTI joined me in this adventure, strongly pushed by the idea… and by their boss, Josep Blat, who has always been supportive.

So now we are three working on this project: a technician and a PhD student, plus an experienced PhD student that in not directly involved in the project. Their background is mainly related to Human-Computer Interface, which sounds perfect to me because this in a certain way, completes my “hard computer science” AI approach. Some other student briefly joined us, and now moved to Yahoo! or to other (founded) projects.

The first task we are dealing with is to create a base to work with: the famous recipe database. I will start gathering data from various sources, Miguel is proposing a database structure, and Alan will be in charge of the parsing [1]. In few weeks, and after few script, we will have some results to computer. Stay tuned!


  1. Parsing is the process of analysing a string of symbols, according to the rules of a formal grammar. For our task, the aim of parsing is doing a is syntactic analysis of recipes, i.e. identifying all the ingredients, the different steps of the cooking process, etc.


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