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Alexandre likes to cook and to eat. After obtaining his PhD in Artificial Intelligence on Automated Planning, he now works on aerospace applications of AI. Alexandre lives actually in Toulouse, France. Google+

“Copyright law does not protect recipes that are mere listings of ingredients”

The Pirates of Silicon Valley is a movie about the creation of Apple, and Microsoft, and about the hard work of these pioneers of computer crafting (because it was a craftsmanship at that time), and the not always orthodox methods … Continue reading

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Learning from Sergio

During another visit at Alicia, in Manresa, I had the occasion to spy a kitchen from the inside, and learn from it. It al started with a chat with Jaume Biarnés on my future projects. After launching with enthusiasm a … Continue reading

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Degree projects and new students

As long as it seems that I am too busy right now to work myself on the Culinary AI project, we decided to give some space to students to help us developing part of the work. This is amazing for … Continue reading

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Focusing and Fundraising

First, our collaboration with Alícia went on, focusing on common projects to carry on. A study of metabolic diseases seems to provide both a common ground and very interesting technical developments. This will be the direction we will push the next applications, also because … Continue reading

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No recipe database. Are you serious?

Apparently there are no recipe database available out there. And by database we intend  “a collection of information  organized in such a way that a computer program can quickly select desired pieces of data”. This definition highlights the main property of a DB, i.e. each piece of information is separately … Continue reading

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The curious case of taste for cilantro

Surfing through the Net for information on taste, it encountered many discussions over cilantro[1]. Apparently there is a very animated diatribe between cilantro haters vs. lovers, that has been exacerbated by the fashion of adding indiscriminately cilantro to dishes. One of the ideas … Continue reading

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The Food Pairing hypothesis

The Food Pairing hypothesis says that aliments combine together well when they share some major flavour component, identified as a chemical constituent of the culinary product. The success of the food pairing is so that new matching of ingredients have … Continue reading

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