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Gastronomy is the art of combining tastes and ingredients. Big chefs and great restaurants traditionally are seen as the reference for the creation of new recipes.

The curious case of taste for cilantro

Surfing through the Net for information on taste, it encountered many discussions over cilantro[1]. Apparently there is a very animated diatribe between cilantro haters vs. lovers, that has been exacerbated by the fashion of adding indiscriminately cilantro to dishes. One of the ideas … Continue reading

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The Food Pairing hypothesis

The Food Pairing hypothesis says that aliments combine together well when they share some major flavour component, identified as a chemical constituent of the culinary product. The success of the food pairing is so that new matching of ingredients have … Continue reading

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The artifact

In 2012 the corean LG will commercialise the “Smart fridge”. This wonder of modern technology realizes the myth of the past decades: an intelligent refrigerator in the kitchen, able to solve all the housewife’s problems. The smart fridge is able to register … Continue reading

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BCNVanguardia: Using Artificial Intelligence in the Kitchen

I’ve been invited to give a keynote at BCNVanguardia, a conference aimed at the professional market of gastronomy. The subtitle of my talk is AI in the kitchen, the new ‘sous-chef’. It gives an idea of what our aim is, namely to provide … Continue reading

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