Who I am

alexandre Albore in the UPFAlexandre Albore is a researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence since 2003. He worked mainly in Automated Planning, the branch of AI dedicated to detect the correct sequence of actions that solve a given problem.

In 2011 he moved to apply AI algorithms to cooking, the final goal being of generating a framework able to help a chef in all his tasks: from buying food of good quality at a small price, to the creation of recipes that comprise desired characteristics.

2 Responses to Who I am

  1. Marcela Ribeiro says:

    Hi Alexandre,
    I study computer science in Brazil and now i’m searching a subject to my final project, and i wants to do in artificial intelligence. And i really liked your idead to apply AI algorithms to cooking. I would like to know if i could do my final project with some of your’s ideas.
    Thank you
    Marcela Ribeiro

    • admin says:

      Hi Marcela
      these projects just started, and some of the ideas are still green, other ones are in early development phase. But I would like to know what subject do you liked during the course in AI, so we can figure out what to apply for you to have a nice project. I contact you on your mail.

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